Monday, February 13, 2012

Not good news

There's going to be a new vaccine for me later this year. They have combined my myxie jab with the VHD so it will protect me from both horrible diseases.
The trouble is, I don't have the VHD vaccination because it makes me quite poorly. I used to get a very high temperature which lasted for days and I didn't feel like eating or drinking and everybody was worried. My vet said because there was no VHD close to us and as I'm a house rabbit I didn't need to have it until he knew the disease was coming to my area then he would let us know. Anyway, I won't have a choice from now on. I expect they will take good care of me so I'm not going to worry until it happens.
I'm making a list of special treats to have if I'm not very well. Mashed banana with sugar will be number one then maybe crunchie nut cornflakes and then digestive biscuits. I bet they won't let me have them, because they'll say it will be bad for my teeth but I can dream.One thing's for sure, I will get a bedtime story about my favourite Tom Kitten.


George Online Cat said...

I like Tom Kitten too. But I am rather worried about that huge rat and his wife Anna Maria. If I remember rightly he rolls Tom Kitten up in pastry to make a pudding. I once caught a rat but when I took it into the kitchen to make a rolypoly of it, Celia caught it in a wellie and let it go in the hedge.
Bloody humans.

Gem said...

You go Harvey!
Tell them what you want - Harve knows best!!!

Love Poppy and Spike xxx

parsley said...

The better news is that the two separate vaccines will still be available for quite a while so that you do not have to have the new one! We just had all our myxos here - vet came out to us as there were so many of us! She did all 34 in 2 hours - I was impressed!